Book  & Workbook

The Book

Created for middle school and young adult readers
Real problems   *  Diverse characters  *  100 engaging illustrations

  A must-have book for kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, youth ministers, and everyone who influences our next generation. It is destined to be the one-stop guide for kids learning critical thinking and problem solving skills — how to face tough issues and make wise life-changing decisions

Make SMART Choices with Tyler and Friends

Tyler has a problem. He let a friend copy his math test, and he’s afraid his mom will find out and ground him forever.

He learns SMART Choices – a simple 5-step process that is fun to learn and easy to use – and discovers a creative solution to his problem.

He teams up with friends, and they help each other make SMART Choices about their problems too.

Free Sample of the Book:

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The Workbook

 40+ Learning Activities
Problem Trees * SMART Charts
Inspirational Quotes * Role Model Profiles

Make SMART Choices Workbook
The SMART Choices team – Tyler, Maria, Ethan, Tomiko, and Dakota- guide readers through a progression of learning activities, which are designed for different learning styles.

Readers can work at their own pace to practice each step of the 5-step process, and develop the skills they need for making SMART Choices.

Praise for Make SMART Choices with Tyler and Friends
from Students, Teachers, Parents & Librarians

Kids should read this book because it shows how to take responsibility.

Tyce Smallwood, 6th grade, Boys & Girls Club

This book was very inspirational for me. I loved how it was based on real teen times. And how they were put to the test to choose the right thing. I hope that more teenage girls read this book and I hope that they will love it as much as I did.

Lisa Valencia  7th grade, Hermanitas Program

Fabulous… absolutely fabulous. It should be used in classrooms.

Kristen Cohn, Valley Middle School Library

I really liked your book. I think people will actually use the SMART process to solve their problems. It’s a great book and very useful.

Dulce Martinez, 8th grade, AVID Program

Every classroom should read this book and understand the importance of planning and smart decision making. It is very interesting – fluent and precise – and describes how kids should plan their futures.

 Wyatt Reyes, 9th grade

SMART Choices should be available to every middle school student. It is fun and light – with problems and vocabulary that are familiar to all youth. It would be a great resource for parents! And if offers a free program for bullied youth:

Ro Watson, Middle School Teacher

“I really liked this book because it’s fun, easy to read and educational.   I wished I had known about SMART Choices when I was being bullied at school last year.  It would have helped me to make better decisions.  I chose to change schools to stop the bullying, but after I worked through SMART Choices, I would have chosen to stay and stand up for myself.  I would have stopped the bullying and gained more self esteem.  I’m now using SMART Choices to help me make choices on my career after high school.  Thank you for writing this book, I think it will help teenagers my age to look at and solve problems much better.”

Tasha Arms, 9th Grade, DETOUR program for teen girls

Tasha really enjoyed working through SMART Choices, she even applied it to her ambitions of going to college.  I will certainly use SMART Choices in the future and use it to assist others. Thank you, Teri, for writing it.

Karen Pritchett, Parent

Kids should read this because it could really help them with their problems.

Ariel Smallwood, 8th grade. Calavera Center

Young people will read this book because it is about them. They can see themselves and relate to the dilemmas and predicaments Tyler and his friends work through. Thanks for teaching our kids to think and problem solve. Well-done Teri!

Candyce Spruel, Marriage and Family Therapist